United Way of Northern Utah History

On August 10, 1934, the Board of Directors of the Community Chest of Ogden first discussed the idea of a United Fund. Extracts from the minutes are as follows:

“Ken Knapp presented the fact that the campaign committee, in interviewing management, had found that it is ready for a United Appeal. The Chamber of Commerce is ready to work wholeheartedly for a United Drive.”

It was decided to make the drive for funds in 1955 a combined appeal of the Community Chest, American Red Cross and the Utah Society for Crippled Children (local Cerebral Palsy group). A special administrative committee was set up, with J. Clyde Buehler as Chairman.

The 1954 campaign was known as the Ogden Area Federated Drive, under the chairmanship of Kenneth E. Knapp. A goal of $201,175 was set, with $207,600.33 being raised.

With this splendid record of success for the Drive’s first endeavor, plans were made on January 13, 1955, at a meeting of the Executive Committee of the Community Chest, to permanently incorporate as the Ogden Area Federated Drive, with Kenneth Knapp as the first President and Rod Edens as Chairman of the Drive.

In April 1955, Col. Lawrence L. Skinner, who had previously retired from Utah General Depot, became the first Executive Director, on a part-time salary, and served for five years.

Since many of the participating agencies were already offering services in Davis County, the northern part of the County voted in 1961 to be included in the Ogden Area Federated Drive and the name of the organization was changed to the United Fund of Northern Utah. The Campaign area now covered North Davis, Morgan, Weber, and Box Elder Counties.

Originally, sixteen agencies made up what is now known as the “United Way of Northern Utah”.

Included were:

Alcoholism Foundation
American Red Cross
American Social Health
Blind Association
Boy Scouts of America
Cerebral Palsy
Community Welfare Council (Social Services Coordinating Cncl)
Childrens Aid Society
Multiple Sclerosis Society
Salvation Army
Travelers Aid Society
Utah Girl Scout Council
Utah Society for Crippled Children
Weber Dental Health

Rulon B. Stanfield was Executive Director from 1963 to 1973. Clayton P. Beal was employed April 1, 1973 to replace Mr. Stanfield. Mr. Beal retired in August, 2000 and Robert A. Hunter was hired as President and Chief Executive Officer.