Sen. Jerry Stevenson and Sen. Greg Buxton

Utah State Senate

Speaker of the House Greg...

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Collette Mercier

President, Ogden-Weber Tech College

Collette Mercier has been employed at Ogden-Weber Tech College since 1984 and will be retiring in 2017. During her tenure, she has fulfilled a broad range of...

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Almost thirteen years ago, Daniel was in a kindergarten classroom, but couldn’t understand the words being spoken all around him. He spent his next several school years working through the ESL program. Partly because of his own efforts to learn to read, Daniel’s desire to give back to...

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Early in February, Keenan Haramoto was one of the first in his Elwood neighborhood with a flooded basement as heavy winter snows melted. His...

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On Monday, February 13, United Way of Northern Utah was honored to host a luncheon for Sister Stephanie Mongeon and Sister Mary Zenzen of St. Benedict's Monastery in Minnesota, and Sister Marilyn Mark of Logan, Utah. These sisters, formerly of the Ogden Monastery, came to Ogden for the final distribution of a $5 million gift they left for the community when they moved away. This year's funding amounted to over $1.3 million and was distributed to 16...

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